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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MoSoSos : Mobile Social Software/Services

...and I was going to write this essay elaborating my last post on why social networking on mobile phones might be the way to go, when I ran into sixth sense and this article on MoSoSos or mobile social software/services.

It seems that in my previous post, I failed to capture one essential component of mobile phones - they're mobile!!! So, networking becomes proximity based and maybe that's what differentiates it from PC-based social networking. At least that's what all of the above seem to be doing. However, is that really the only way to go? Why are stories of mobile networking still far and few in between? Why isn't the mobile revolution catching on?

Apparently, as I read here, using mobile phones for proximity based networking has been around for a while. Was it the business models, or is it something fundamental about the service that is not making it succeed?


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