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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

RSS Scalability

How to deal with an RSS feed overload without losing any important feeds? I'd vaguely hit that question somewhere in my mind, but hadn't quite articulated it yet. However, as soon I saw Jose's article, I saw the light of the day. He writes:

"as a means of improving the scalability of the RSS aggregation approach, i have begun using an approach of doing second order analysis on the aggregated materials to make use of the redundancy in the information. i dub this technique “RSS clustering” because i group stories by topic. the redundancy observed in any collection of RSS feeds can be used for two main purposes. the first is to highlight the interesting bits of news within a pool of feeds, basing this on the assumption that the apperance of the topic in multiple entries is proportional to the importance of that topic. the second is that entries can be clustered around these topics, reducing the volume of information presented to the user at any one time. "


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