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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the blog school

"I just love the power of the blog." A recent post culminated into quite an interesting learning experience for me. I realized the power of the blog to reach people and also some blog etiquette. I'll like to thank Oliver Starr and Dennis Hettema for more than just their insightful comments. Both, Oliver's insightful comment and Dennis' answer to my critique left with me with lessons, I might have not learnt otherwise - Oliver on Blog etiquette and Dennis on how to positively respond to a critique. This is a small example of how self-governing communities evolve - a new entrant does something that is percieved as a mistake by experienced members of a community. Some responsible experienced folks check the new entrant but still encourage participation, and the new entrant being a responsible person considers the advice and becomes a more responsible participant.

This seems to be the way blogging has evolved and will continue to evolve. As web shifts to a plethora of users generating content, let it be for any reason, the control, on what is acceptable and what is not, is also going to lie with a plethora of users. That's what Craigslist uses for blocking spam and it has proved to be quite succesful. Now, I'm no sociologist but the intricacies of how the web 2.0 world will evolve in terms of people sharing responsibilities would be interesting to observe.

More to come on this...but anyone have any ideas on what social rules will change in the web 2.0 world? One interesting argument to consider is this one by Nivi , which I came across on Rajesh Jain's blog. Oh, and a discussion on Dennis' comment in my next post.


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