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Friday, November 11, 2005

random interesting posts to read

It's been a while since I wrote something here. I attribute it to some traveling and a lot of work, so a lot of thoughts have come and gone without me being able to write anything about them. Well, one can't keep one's natural self from showing up for too long, so I'm back.

Before I start talking about my stuff, here are a couple of interesting posts:

  • Time and again, I've found some really amazing posts at the 'Creating Passionate Users' blog. I highly recommend it to everyone. Here's another great post for anyone trying to create or sell software.

    An interesting trend to take note of for enterpreneurs. I've myself felt a little bit of this. While the startup is certainly rife with new ideas right now and it almost feels like exciting times of the 90s, the VC market is a little more wary right now. It's almost impossible for early stage companies to find investment right now without executing the concept to a significant level. In the web and mobile world expecially, one has to have the product ready (at least a limited version of it) to be able to convince any VC to look at you. VCs seem to be looking for safer bets - well it is needless to say that nothing is safe in the VC business. The trend quoted in this post certainly attests to that.


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