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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

LinknSurf, the launch and what it's about...

I probably should have written this at 3:00 AM on the 19th of January from a hotel room in Alabama because that is where I was when LinknSurf really hit the world. Now, between you and me, and no offence to the south, a hotel room in a remote corner in Alabama is not where you want to be when that happens - from unreliable wi-fi access in the room, to poor phone signals - oh yesss, you get the whole treatment!! Wait, there's more drama to it - two of us were in California, one in Alabama and five in India as we released LinknSurf while talking on the phone!!

So, what is LinknSurf? And more importantly why do YOU need LinknSurf?

In simple terms, LinknSurf is a mobile application that has been created to keep YOU in touch with stuff that matters to you. What does that mean? It means that the information that exists between you and your peers (your social network) that is relevant to you is now delivered to you. And this information was never captured before. For example, if someone in your group of friends adds a new person to his contact list, you will get an update and the ability to add that person to your list in one click. The same applies:
  • If someone creates a blog
  • subscribes to an RSS feed
  • Joins a community etc

...all of which you can do on LinknSurf.

Note: The image may not be reproduced without permission. I would like to thank a team-member for it.

So, what you take away from this is that, you will no longer have to make an effort to stay stay connected with others. Information will be delivered to you instead of you having to go look for it. And, no matter what the information is for (personal or professional reasosns), it will be information you choose to recieve, from whom you choose to recieve!

Well, we are all excited to see this baby come out! Now, let's see how the world percieves it!


Blogger Sunil Kumar said...

Der aaaye durust aaye. 19th nahi to 31st sahi.

12:35 AM  

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