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Friday, January 06, 2006

mobile vision for the new year - II

I just finished watching Will Ferell's Anchorman. Somehow everything in the movie reminded me of cellular phone carriers - the silly wars, the stupid tactics and most of all depriving consumers of quality services.

This may sound too trite and oft-quoted an outlook into the future, but sometime or the other, these mobile goliaths will have to yield. Depriving consumers of full the power of mobility is not really going to work. Already dozens of little enterprenneurial ventures are beginning to challenge the restrictive boundaries. The fact that biggies from the web like google and yahoo are pushing into the mobile world, is also going to put a lot of pressure on wireless providers to finally upgrade their data networks and start providing superior service.

There was a DHL commercial out a couple of months back - "Whatever happened to customer service?". Someone needs to pull the wireless carriers in front of the TV and have them watch it. Instead of advertising about its network, it'll be a welcome move to see it advertise it's customer service - when it becomes worth advertising. I'm pretty certain that wireless carriers see the future as well, all I'm waiting to see is how they're going to deal with it. Embracing change is their only option as I see it or they will be forced to accept change when they're not in a position to leverage it for advantage.


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