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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mobile vision for the new year

A very happy new year to everyone. For the first post in 2006, this is probably a little late. However, better late than never.

Looking ahead into 2006, I see an exciting year. Link 'n' Surf is ready for a beta version launch and we're all holding our breath, waiting to see where it takes us. We all know that the past is about the only thing in life that is certain. Yet, every now and then, future stares at us long and hard enough for us to unmistakably see its countenance. For people in the mobile technology and web 2.0 sectors, this is one such time.

In a nebulous space, slowly being defined by many-an-enterprenneur, we might not know who will take the trophy, but we do know that the mobile device will take the world into a connected knowledge environment like never before. Everyone will be connected like never before, everyone will have access to knowledge and everyone will be mobile.

This is what I see in the coming year and hopefully Link 'n' Surf will be able to play a part in that. With this I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and thank everyone in the Wirkle team for all their hard work in 2005.


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