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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Government bans blog sites in India after blasts

It has been exactly two weeks since those atrocious blasts ripped Bombay (Mumbai) apart and brought life to a standstill. However, as I heard someone say on BBC, that if there is one thing that is common in all major cities of the world, it is resilience. Well, much as expected Bombay was returned to its usual pace the very next day. However, like Madrid, London and New York, there will always be some scars left behind.

While the public rose to the occasion and in the wake of the jammed cell phone network several blogging sites helped stranded people in Bombay communicate with each other, while the public showed solidarity and the whole city observed a two-minute silence to commemorate the suffering of its fellow citizens, while the people unilaterally expressed anger against such atrocious terrorist activity, the Government of India decided to block people's right to express.

Lomesh writes "Just finished reading up my Times of India newspaper where an article stuck my eye. After the brutal Mumbai blasts of 7/11 where more than 250 people were killed and hundreds of others were severely injured, the DoT (Department of Telecom) for some good enough reason decided to block famous blogging websites including Blogspot and Typepad."

He further references this and this as proof. The officials claimed that only wanted certain blogs to be blocked (a list believed to be about 22 pages long!!).

The International Herald Tribune finally reported this on the 20th. When will the regimes of the world learn?


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