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Friday, July 28, 2006

LinknSurf lets mobile web connect people internet doesn't

I have to recount an interesting experience to all the people interested in the mobile web. I was on LinknSurf ( yesterday (well, I'm on it all the time) and was exchanging messages with another user - a teenager from England - that I met on LinknSurf.

Somewhere in the conversation, I asked her whether she had a myspace profile because I wanted her to connect to LinknSurf on myspace ( However, the response startled me, especially coming from a mobile savvy teen (given then she had downloaded and installed LinknSurf on her phone and is using it actively). She asked me "What is Myspace?". She went on to say that if it was a website she wouldnt know about it because she can't really use the internet too much but she uses her phone all the time! Take a deep breath and repeat the statement in your head ladies and gentlemen...SHE CAN'T REALLY USE THE INTERNET (PC-BASED) BUT SHE USES HER PHONE ALL THE TIME AND SHE LOVES IT.

This maybe an isolated case today...but it's a case that has happened. It's something that I have held as a belief for a long time. Yesterday, however was the first time it happened in a verifiable way on LinknSurf itself. Watch out for more cases like this - I am another living example for one.


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