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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More on text messages after Alan and Tomi's post

Tomi Ahonen wrote recently wrote about text messages being the biggest data application in the world. Here's a testimony to how ubiqitous text messaging has become: Nate Anderson references a survey conucted by british newspaper, The Times, to make the following conclusion:

text messaging has become an essential part of the British mating ritual. More than 50 percent of all 18- to 24- year olds who responded to the survey said that they had used text messages to ask for dates and had engaged in some fairly explicit SMS chat.
While cell phones are certainly popular in the US, they still remain more common in Europe. A survey recently revealed that Brits
have more phones in circulation than people in the country—and they don't even hold the top spot. That honor goes to Italy, which has more phones per capita than any other European country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Harsh and visitors at the Chautauquas blogsite

Thanks for referring to the posting about SMS text messaging. I know you've read the actual blog, but for your readers some other perhaps fascinating tidbits.

BUSINESS EXECS prefer text messaging. Its not just a kids thing. The most valuable resource any business exec has is time. The most powerful tool to manage time - texting. You can sit in a meeting, unable to take calls, unable to send e-mails - perhaps your counterpart doesn't have a Blackberry etc. But a text message will reach you, and your text message will reach the counterpart. That is why already 80% of British executives think SMS is vital to their business life.

Grandparents. This usually surprises American audiences. There is no age limit. Grandparents very happily adopt text messaging, the moment they get it, that this is the preferred means to connect with their grandkids.

And teenagers? From Finland to South Korea, from Italy to Singapore, from France to Malaysia. Now even latest study this Spring in America - teenagers prefer SMS text messages to e-mail - the the level that they are DIMINISHING their use of e-mail.

Its faster and more personal and more informal communication for them. SMS and IM. Thats the communication for the youth.

Much more at our blogsite, in my books etc. Thank you

Tomi Ahonen :-)
4-time bestselling author
lecturing at Oxford University on mobile telecoms

10:44 PM  
Blogger Harsh said...


Very interesting indeed! Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree more with you about IM and SMS being the communication mediums for the youth. However, I've sent you an email about some interesting things that we're doing...let me know if that interest you at all. Do try LinknSurf (

2:05 AM  

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