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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Quality isn't job one"!

Hugh Macleod rocks!! He's one of my favorite cartoonists and I could cite a number of reasons why he's so good. I love the way he adds color to some cartoons; they're just a visual delight. Most of his cartoons are witty (that means I get most of them!!); he's got a no-nonsense style of saying what he has to and yada yada yada. However, most of all, what I like is his attitude and the fact that I think I'm better looking than him! ;) (kidding...I dont know what he looks like)
Oh, I also have to mention that he's prolific. He just keeps on producing good stuff...keeps going and going and going and going (there's the person you need for your advertisement energizer!)

You should definitely read some of his stuff on 'How to be creative' and 'Hughtrain'. Not only is it fun but it's his take on being passionate about what you do I really like. In fact I have some of his cartoons on my office walls to remind me that startups are about fun, they are about passion, they are about loving what you do and doing it in style and they are about changing things! Come to think of it...that's exactly why LinknSurf exists. Being an entrepreneur, one realizes that there are always times in startups when you hit the point where you think you can't do anything new or can't figure what to do next and yada yada yada...and in that slow phase, suddenly one hears back from a passionate user, just one user, and suddenly it's all worthwhile. The creative juices are flowing again and pieces begin to fall into place, at least for the time being.

And I'm recounting this from experience...yesterday one such user brought me out of the doldrums. I was actually sitting in front of the PC with my IM status reading "looking for inspiration" (Hugh there's the line for your next cartoon...) when this one teenager's email complaining about a bug sparked me back into action. And I know that this one LOVES linknsurf. That in turn makes us want to make it even better!

Kathy, are you listening? You need to write about this sometime...creating passionate users is not only good for our business...but it's what keeps us entrpreneurs alive and passionate. After all that's why we create. So, folks, create passionate users to fire your own passion. It works!


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