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Friday, August 04, 2006

The way it should be - way cool!

The other day some work required me to delve into stuff on 'Communities of Practice' and where the concept evolved from. And as I went looking for some information I stumbled across this picture and just fell in love with it! Way cool! And what do you think Global Deepwater Wildcat Conference is about? Any guesses? It's about deep water drilling for oil...yes you're right. It's that picture of an off-shore oil rig with hundreds of hard core engineers (the civil, mechanical, chemical kinds) milling around. And they could very well have chosen a picture of drilling with engineers in hard hats and some tanks and stuff. But, no...this is the picture they chose to market the conference. It certainly makes me want to go to the conference! This is what I call - way cool!

And this just doesn't have to apply to marketing. This is what makes products fun to use, the "cool factor"..."the A-ha! effect"...the "Damn! That's awesome" expression has to come about from your users. I believe a lot of it comes from everyone in a team understanding what it is that we're making and what value will it add in our consumers' life. At LinknSurf, we had our whole team of developers create blogs to draw their own understanding of what LinknSurf would mean to them as consumers and be able to offer suggestions in terms of how to make it more FUN. In our world today, I have come to believe that you can add a lot of utility to anything by just adding FUN to it.


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